Odin is the brain that processes imaging data, provides actionable insights, and simulates outcomes to guide your cultivation decisions. 

Real-Time Monitoring

Greenhouse Map

See inside your plants.
Odin reveals the health, cannabinoid content, yield, and pest status. It can also learn from pre-existing systems for the most actionable insights.

Data Selection 

Compare grow strategies.

Experiment with different grow strategies and receive valuable real-time feedback to optimize your cultivation. 


Tailored Dashboards 

Dive deep into your data.

Customize your dashboards to focus on the metrics that matter most to you, providing a personalized view of your cultivation operations. 

24/7 Plant Partner

Source Links

Trust in transparency.

Responses are verified and reliable, including source links. 

Custom LLM

Chat with Odin.

Odin provides reliable answers backed by thousands of scientific studies and industry experts. 

Excel Integration

Use your data sources.

Odin integrates with Excel, linking sheets with the rest of your plant data. 

Proactive Cultivation Simulation

Digital Twin

Simulate your facility.

Create a virtual model of your greenhouse, merging plant data from Hugin with current environmental conditions and weather forecasts. 

AI Assist

Plan with precision.

Leverage Odin’s insights to optimize cultivation settings based on historical data and simulations.  

Virtual Climate Management

Test climate changes.

Experiment with control settings and observe climate changes through time-lapse simulations to anticipate environmental responses. 

Gain full control with Odin's help.

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