Hugin is the eye, our patented advanced camera that captures precise images and vital data with unparalleled accuracy, empowering Odin to provide actionable insights. 

Spectral Imaging Technology

Analyzes plant chemistry for THC, nutrients, disease, and pests, surpassing RGB capabilities.


Receive cannabinoid content across flowers, plants and regions, calibrated by thoudsand of lab samples.

Early Disease Detection

Identify HLVd in advance, Botrytis, and Powdery Mildew up to 10 days earlier than human detection.

Chlorophyll & Nutrients

Analyze chlorophyll A/B, anthocyanin, and other nutrient levels.

Pest Scouting

Detect pest presence early, from aphids to spider mites and leaf miners.

What you will gain!

HLVd early detection
Chl A / B content
Botrytis up to 10 days earlier

compared to a human

Pests+7% Aphids-2% Spider Mites+6% Leaf Miner and more+6%
Nutrient deficiencies

of every flower / avg. per plant/region* calibrated with over 1.000 lab-referenced samples.

Know your true number, this is not a CoC, this is for you internally to improve your bottom line.

(Publication with LaTrobe University coming soon)

Anthocyanin content
Powdery Mildew up to 10 days earlier

compared to a human

Four Angled 3D Cameras

Creates detailed plant models to analyze plant structure and growth metrics. 

FLIR Thermal Camera

Captures heat emissions and turns it into an image. 

UV-C Light Source

Delivers targeted UV-C light to promote plant health. 

Prevent Spread

Stop the spread of Powdery Mildew and Bud Mold with Hugin's integrated UV-C treatment.

Target Treatment

Directly hit the spread and render the micro-organisms on the plant harmless.

Patented Innovation you can rely on

Built on unique plant knowledge, supported by renowned research partners. 

Removable heatsinks for deep cleansing if you ever need to.

Powerfull cooling that works in up 45°C / 115° F ambient air.

Compact design, only 10 cm / 4 inch in height (without active heatsink). 

Robust and cleanable anodized aluminum, with GMP in mind.

Discover how to automate your facility with Hugin.

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