Making the Invisible Actionable.

SpexAI® provides cutting-edge Imaging Intelligence for sustainable CEA profitability. 


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Welcome to SpexAI, a new era of cultivation - under any roof.

Experience true AI-driven insights with SpexAI. Our automated imaging technology monitors your crops 24/7, unlocking their full potential. Increase yield, reduce waste, and sustainably improve your bottom line. 

Your challenges. Our priority.
Hidden Disease Threats

Late disease detection leads to costly damage, as symptoms appear too late to prevent losses.

Missing Plant Data

Without real-time data on your product value (THC), making informed decisions is challenging and inefficient.

Operational Challenges

Complex processes and lack of predictive data make it hard to optimize operations, reducing profitability.

We empathize with your struggles of unreliable data, unexpected disease outbreaks, and planning difficulties. These issues disrupt your workflow and impact your bottom line.

Your solution: SpexAI.

Backed by decades of plant research and leading industry partners.

Early Disease Detection

Identify diseases up to 10 days before symptoms appear.

Predictive Plant Data

Non-destructive THC and CBD results for all plants.

Proactive Management

Address issues before they become visible for optimized operations.


Move from confusion to clarity and better decisions.


Streamline your processes and improve outcomes


Increase yields, enhance quality, and boost profits.

SpexAI guarantees technology that can boost your bottom line by over 30%, however, the ultimate success hinges on your actions and decisions. 

Our Imaging Intelligence


The eye that captures precise images and vital data, delivering unmatched accuracy to our AI. 


The brain that processes and analyzes endless data, offering actionable insights for simplified and efficient cultivation. 

The Leadership Team

We relentlessly simplify cultivation, pioneering the future of sustainable, nourishing produce for all. 

Ben Niehaus

Ben Niehaus

Co-Founder, Co-CEO | Tech and Vision

Nadine Walther

Nadine Walther

Co-Founder, Co-CEO | Business and Strategy

Jason Boers

Jason Boers

Chief Sales Officer

Patrick Ortell

Patrick Ortell

Chief Product Officer

Market Voices
Travis Higginbotham
Founder & CEO
"The SpexAI technology achieved a 95% detection rate of HLV during vegetative stage. This level of accuracy and transparency changes the game for cultivators of all sizes in all markets."
Jeroen van Buren
Managing Partner
"SpexAI is the only tech offering real-time, non-destructive THC & CBD analysis. We engaged them for a 4-year project because it saves us so much time and money."
Steve Graves
Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development
"SpexAI will be like LED lights in CEA… everywhere - way beyond cannabis."
Jesko von Viereck
Head of Corporate Development
“SpexAI's strong team and proven demand make this a promising step for sustainable agriculture.”
Marek Kotelnicki
Managing Partner
“SpexAI’s hyperspectral tech offers revolutionary insights for CEA and their unique know-how in digital phenotyping sets them apart.”
Laust Dam
Piloting SpexAI in our vast greenhouse with its real-time, plant-by-plant THC analysis was a breakthrough. It transformed cultivation into a data-driven science

Trusted Partners

Collaborating with industry leaders and research pioneers, we drive advancements in sustainable cultivation and cutting-edge technology.

Cannabis NET
La trobe
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Start to simplify your cultivation today.

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